His book "The Low Price Virus" (Amazon Independent Publishing) ranked No. 1 in the world in two categories (economic history and Japan) on Amazon on July 2022! As a serious runner, he has many followers on SNS. But his main business is international trading. We Alice Corporation Co., Ltd interviewed Mr. Naotaka Kojima, a businessman of Fukuoka City, about his daily health management and body building centered on running from the two perspectives of a runner and a businessman. What is the relationship between running and cardiopulmonary function, the health challenges and opportunities he feels as a runner, and the body he would like to build through running?

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Mr. Naotaka Kojima(Instagram @naotaka_kojima



Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1975, Mr. Naotaka Kojima passed the overseas work exam while a student at Seinan Gakuin University in 1995 and joined a trading company in Malaysia. After returning to Japan, he worked as a business writer and sales planner in a business magazine publishing company in Fukuoka City.

In 2001, he started his own business as an editor and translator, and after working in the business education field, he started his trading business in 2009.

After serving as a director at a medium-sized general contractor in Malaysia, a food trading company in Serbia, and a resource development investment fund in Hong Kong, he has been the managing director of J-Tech Transfer and Trading (export and international technology transfer business) since 2014. He is currently working hard to develop overseas sales channels for small companies in Kyushu and western Japan.

■Running Record

March 2021 "Hitoyoshi Marathon" (half marathon category) 7th/402 runners (1:27:52)

1987 Fukuoka Prefecture Elementary School Athletic Game (Heiwadai Athletic Field), 800m, 8th place/prefecture

1988 Chikushi District Marathon (5km), champion (18:10)

1990 "Tobiume National Athletic Game" torch runner (16:34/5km) *selected from junior high school track and field clubs in the prefecture