Running, the basis of all sports.


Everyone knows that running is an effective way to maintain and improve physical performance, not only in sports. The fact that jogging and marathon running are popular among many people, even among non-athletes, is the proof.

Usually, the first thought that comes to our mind is “running = exhaustion. Yet why do people run...?” Because we know what we can gain beyond the exhaustion.


Only runners can experience this feeling, and only runners can build the ideal physical, mental and health status through running. That's why we all run, because we want to get it, and because we don't want to lose what we've gained as much as possible.


To those who want to maintain the “runner status” as much as possible, to those who want to become runners, and to runners who wish to run long and healthy on the path of life, we Alice Corporation Co., Ltd wish you all the best in your running. We may be able to help you with that wish.


Runners Partner

Serious Runners

“Serious runners” are the runners who do not engage in sports as a profession, but regard jogging and running as an important means of self-realization and continue to make active efforts to improve the personal records regardless of their age.


They are conscious of their time, heart rate, speed, stamina, VO2 Max (Volume of maximum oxygen), etc., and are keen on their daily training, diet, and the gears they use. 

Fun Runners

Fun runners are the runners who incorporate jogging (walking) into their daily life to eliminate lack of exercise, and are conscious of various aspects of self-discipline.

Some fun runners started jogging to improve their physical and mental health with the Covid-19 pandemic. They are concerned about maintaining their health now and about the decline in the physical capabilities. And they are thinking about what they can do now.

All kinds of sports and training for physical exercise

People who are seriously engaged in various sports and training as a pastime or hobby for their health and enjoyment.


Those who are concerned about improvements in performance, endurance, and fatigue during aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and are continually striving to achieve satisfaction.

Those who are physically active in their daily life or work

Those who need the body strength and stamina to enjoy active for longer periods of time, such as those who use their bodies a lot, move around a lot, work standing up, do housework, raise children, or care for family members.


Those who are planning to start exercising

Those who have reaffirmed the need to improve their health due to lack of exercise and inactivity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and want to start aerobic exercise, but are concerned about their physical strength and exercise capacity, lack confidence in their ability to achieve and sustain it, and want to achieve the health status they are aiming for with the help of the appropriate supplements and tools.

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Mr. Naotaka Kojima(Instagram @naotaka_kojima


 His book "The Low Price Virus" (Amazon Independent Publishing) ranked No. 1 in the world in two categories (economic history and Japan) on Amazon on July 2022! As a serious runner, he has many followers on SNS. But his main business is international trading. We Alice Corporation Co., Ltd interviewed Mr. Naotaka Kojima, a businessman of Fukuoka City, about his daily health management and body building centered on running from the two perspectives of a runner and a businessman. What is the relationship between running and cardiopulmonary function, the health challenges and opportunities he feels as a runner, and the body he would like to build through running?